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During the monsoon season, bikers must be strict in their care for motorcycles to guarantee no rusting and better and safer riding amid challenging weather conditions. Here are some crucial tips for maintaining your bike during rainy periods:

1. Scheduled Maintenance: Regular servicing is paramount to preemptively address potential issues and maintain overall bike health. Rains not only test every piece of metal on your bike but also affect lubrication in the chain and allow dust to creep into open surfaces. It is a rather messy time for any bike aficionado.

2. Storage and Protection: It is advisable to park your motorcycle in a sheltered area or under a shed to shield it from rain when not riding, which can lead to rusting and electrical failures over time. While bikers do love rain riding, with all the fun and uncertainty it brings, it is often better to wait out heavy rains in a cosy barn somewhere.

3. Protective Measures: Applying Teflon coating on panels and utilizing anti-rust treatments on metal components can effectively ward off corrosion, particularly beneficial for bikes with metal bodies. Every bike manufacturer has some form of protection coating, paint, or layer protection. Teflon, while being one of the best, is not the only way to go.

4. Tyre Management: Regularly inspect tyre tread depth and ensure proper inflation to optimise traction on slippery roads. Adjust tyre pressure slightly lower than usual for better grip in wet conditions. Many tyres are not equipped for the rain, including standard tyres that come with the bike on purchase. Tyres can be expensive but are a worthy investment.

5. Regular Cleaning: Increase the frequency of cleaning sessions to remove mud and debris that accumulate during rainy rides. Pay particular attention to the chain drive and engine block to maintain optimal performance. Regular cleaning will include regular lubrication, washing off gunk and dirt, and covering the bike afterwards.

Most bike manufacturers have their own guides to maintaining a bike. While they are not comprehensive, they will get you through the basics of maintenance practices. Some kit will be required, such as chain lube, engine lube, soap, and wax, which are essential. If you have a doubt, consider this: some money spent on a bike and hard work makes you love that machine more, and that is our passion in a nutshell.