What is Motoring World?

Motoring World is an Indian car and bike magazine, published monthly since January 1999

What is the DNA of Motoring World?

Automotive journalism — cars, two wheelers, motorsport, travel (road trip pieces) and other related topics

Motoring has been known as THE enthusiast’s magazine. Its readers buy it for their monthly fix of automotive excitement, unique brand of humour, oddball story ideas and all-round irreverence.

This is not to say that Motoring is not a serious magazine; rather, it provides its readers with just the right amount of relevant information, without overwhelming them with technical details and statistics. It is a magazine that is enjoyed equally by an enthusiastic college student as well as his mother; it tells stories, to borrow a line from Vinod’s description of The Caravan.

Thus, the editorial space that Motoring will take is that of the best-written, best-designed auto magazine in the country. It will place a premium on a high standard of presentation, rather than on just facts, figures and jargon. Its writing will be unforced and free-flowing in its humour, and will appeal to both younger and older readers. The design template will be sophisticated, clean, subtle and clutter-free — bordering on retro, but with a modern elegance.

At all times, we will strive to retain the ‘Motoring’ flavour in our writing, and we will take our design, photography and printing to an international standard — the magazine will be sleek, sophisticated and subtle in its look; it will shout quietly and thus stand out.

This flavour will ideally reflect in all the advertorial and special features that we do as well — by and large, we will avoid the usual, humdrum cross country drives, mileage challenges and so on. Instead, we will strive to come up with quirky, offbeat and stylish ideas for advertisers and manufacturers, with an emphasis on excitement.

Our Team
Pablo Chaterji, Executive Editor

Pablo found himself in journalism almost by accident, in 2003, when he quit the world of advertising films and became a travel writer at Business Standard Motoring. Since then, his 'job' has allowed him to drive cars, ride motorcycles, take photographs and travel the world for a living, something that causes friends and blood relatives alike to swear at him.

Kartik Ware, Managing Editor

An equal adherent of bikes and books, Kartik rides and reads everything he possibly can. When not found on a motorcycle, he’d rather be lost on one. Only to be found daydreaming in front of a desperately blinking cursor. Still believes two-strokes will make a comeback.

Manaal Mahatme, Assistant Editor — Two-wheelers
Tired of everyone nagging about him spending too much time on two-wheels, Manaal decided to make riding and travelling his full-time job. And when at home, he uses his culinary skills to keep his family calm before he sets out for his next adventure.
Kurt Morris, Assistant Editor — Four-wheelers
With a design background, Kurt Morris ventured into automotive journalism. In his spare time, he passionately doodles cars and motorcycles, creating captivating watercolour paintings. An ardent motorsports fan, he closely follows F1 and WRC. Combining design sensibilities with a love for speed, he's a unique presence in the world of automotive reporting.
Tirth Pandya, Assistant Editor — Special Projects
Tirth, when around cars, prefers that they go into 4 Low for slushy shenanigans. He's our resident aviation enthusiast, courtesy of the jet-setting lifestyle. If you're wondering where to find Tirth, well, even we might need to send a search party because he's always on the move.
Aaradhya Singh, Assistant Editor — Digital
Aaradhya is a lover of all things retro, be it cars, motorcycles, and even pop-rock music from the 80s. Having grown up around his dad’s Chetak and RX135, he dearly misses two-stroke motorcycles, but he’s also beginning to fall in love with fully-faired sportsbikes. He’s almost always confused about what food to order, but ask him about his ideal daily car and you’ll get one answer — the Maruti 800!
Kaizad Adil Darukhanawala, Photographer

Our nagging health-conscience with his toned and youthful muscles, we narrowly avoided flouting child-labour laws when hiring Kaizad. The product of an illustrious bloodline that runs deep into cars and bikes, he tends to shoot first and ask questions later. As long as it’s his camera doing the shooting, we’re all right.

Keshav Teiva Poumai, Features Writer
Resident classic auto aficionado and foodie in the making, Keshav is quite the melting pot of cultures and ideals. On a day off, one can either find him monkeying around in his garage or daydreaming about a new resto-mod project.
Anubhav Sharma, Contributing Editor
Anubhav is essentially our man in Delhi, since he calls the place home and we’re too lazy and/or scared to travel there. He’s worked with Ducati, Ferrari, Maserati and Porsche, to name but a few, and he’s pretty handy behind the wheel of a car, too.
Aditya Upadhyaula, Contributing Editor
Our obscure ’90s-car anorak and resident laugh track. He's loved cars since he was a toddler, so naturally, he trained as a pharmacist. He's a fan of anything with an engine powering it and some things without engines as well. When he’s not driving, he spends his time playing vintage video games.
About Delhi Press

Delhi Press is one of the oldest publishing houses in India. With 32 magazines in nine languages, Delhi Press is also currently the leading magazine publisher in the country.

Established in 1939 by the late Mr Vishwa Nath, a visionary and freedom fighter, Delhi Press debuted with The Caravan in 1940, followed by Sarita, a Hindi monthly in 1945. Thereafter, Delhi Press launched Mukta, Champak, Grihshobha, Woman’s Era, Suman Saurabh and Saras Salil, among others.

The Caravan was published for 48 years until, in 1988, Delhi Press decided to discontinue the magazine to start a current affairs magazine, while the group was still demonstrating consistent growth in all its other titles.