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Well, not exactly a time-machine in real world, the DeLorean DMC-12, famous for its appearance (and time-travel) in the movie franchise Back to the Future, is in news again. A man in the UK was caught doing illegal speeds (88mph to be precise) in the car. And that to us looks like another failed attempt…

But the offender and — unsurprisingly — Back to the Future fan Nigel Mills says otherwise. He, who reportedly bought the car for a good £22,000 — was not ‘trying to time travel,’ he continues, ‘It was 11am on Sunday and the roads were completely clear’.

That’s completely okay, Nigel, because the two officers who caught him were not there at the time of his hearing; he’s free to go now.

Unlike its ability to teleport you to a different time (and not just a different time-zone), the car wasn’t able to impress the press when they reviewed it. But it turned out to be an icon nevertheless. Going forward, with plans to revive the car next year, it’s surely going to be an interesting sight. It’s almost as if Marty and Doc saw this happen.

Or maybe they did…

Source: Shortlist