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I wonder if regular blood transfusions would make me feel fresh and smooth instead of achy and stiff. The reason I make this statement is because of the difference in the KTM after its second first service. Yes, you read that right. At around 300 km, I’d changed the oil and oil filter before, and gotten the entire service done at the insistence of the service manager. Now, after the first 1000 km, it’s finally gotten its proper first service and it feels superb, although it’s only been a couple of days since it came back and I haven’t ridden it much because of work which forces me to ride other motorcycles.

Also, it’s increasingly heartening to know that I have a bike ready to go anywhere I please standing next to my other bikes that won’t. And the KTM is still growing on me; I’m even getting used to those Metzeler Tourance tyres that feature a type of pattern that usually makes me recoil with horror. Recently, I went on a long-ish ride in the rain and found that the tyres and bike are absolutely excellent at a sedate-ish pace just into the triple digits. And given that I managed to get there and back without tanking up, with the tripmeter reading 320 km, made me want to not stop at all. Time for a road trip, I think. Problem is, I just installed a 50-tooth sprocket at the rear for wheelies.

Logging IT Out

KTM 390 Adventure
Lightens you by:
Rs 3.63 Lakh (on-road, Mumbai)
Lived with:
Odometer reads:
1258 km
Drinking habits:
23 kpl
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