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Some just wander, some get lost. For some, it’s a hobby, and for others, it’s a bond.

Introducing the Power Stroke Riders, a team of enthusiasts whose passion for motorcycles transcends mere hobby – it forms a profound bond among them. Venturing across the country, these riders primarily take up short breakfast rides, typically spanning 100 to 200 kilometres. Rain or shine, their commitment to the road remains unwavering. On a rainy Sunday morning, Abhishek, Piyush, and Himanshu spearheaded an exhilarating journey that commenced at 6 AM. Navigating the swift roads cautiously, the trio ensured a smooth ride to avoid any mishaps. Their destination? The picturesque Dhanraul dam near Robertsganj.

Power Stroke Riders

Embarking from Sigra, their chosen route led them through the scenic paths of Ramnagar and Narayanpur. The roads, though wet, didn’t dampen their spirits as they cruised along, savouring every moment of the journey. Upon reaching their destination, the riders were greeted by the serene beauty of Dhanraul dam, a sight that made every mile worth it. After a well-deserved break and some memorable moments captured on camera, they set out on the return leg of their journey.

Power Stroke Riders

As they bid farewell to the scenic landscapes, the riders couldn’t help but reminisce about the camaraderie and thrill of the ride. With plans already brewing for their next adventure, Power Stroke Riders eagerly await the opportunity to share their passion with more enthusiasts, inviting them to join in the exhilarating experience of exploring the open roads.