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With the 8th edition of India Bike Week right around the corner, we cannot contain our excitement. IBW is returning to Goa after three years and will offer more attractions and experiences for the biker community than ever before. In collaboration with Petronas Sprinta, India Bike Week 2022 will be curated by the festival specialists, Seventy EMG.

India Bike Week 2022 is all set to offer larger-than-life experiences with this year’s special attractions, which include five different tracks, Wheelie Training, Biker’s Mart (Indoor and Outdoor Expo), Big Trip sessions, Ladakh Tent, the Club Village, Jameson Connect Howling Dog Bar and others. The Ride to IBW is only the start of an adventurous journey that starts with riding to Goa and converges into a slew of exciting events.

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IBW 2022 is set to have five different race tracks and races scheduled for multiple different categories. There’s a Hill Climb event in partnership with CEAT, which is a time trial event. IBW will also have both a flat track and a Mud Rush event. There’s also the ‘Adventure Flow Track’, which is an obstacle course designed for ADVs, and the ‘Dirt Dash’ event, which will be a proper dirt race. For those who want to learn a few skills, there is a variety of track sessions to sign up for as well. Vishakh from BAR Academy will conduct hour-long Enduro sessions to master the hill trail, while Nelly from ProDirt Adventure, Motofarm and FMAE Motopark will coach people on the Adventure Track, Flow track and the Dirt Dash for Moto Cross and dirt enthusiasts.

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Ladakh Tent

The Ladakh Tent will be a cosy corner featuring the Rodcast Tent, Beer Garden, Jameson Black Barrel Bar, a vinyl collection, singer-songwriters, and Open Mic sessions from the community. For the first time, Shirshendu Banerjee (The Biker Radio Rodcast) will also record live at IBW 2022. People and institutions who have built the subculture of motorcycling over the last 2 decades will host conversations with biker cafes, the original motorcycling clubs and adventure bike trip organisers.

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India Bike Week will host many people who will share their uniquely individual stories. Jameson Connect at Howling Dog Bar will feature a Motography Show by riders followed by a Mod Bike Show. People like Murtaza Junaid, Yogi Chhabria, Marco Rosetto (Founder Mini GP India), Shardul Sharma (India’s first participant to the Red Bull Romaniacs) and others will also come together to share their stories, experiences and passion for riding. Artists can also get a chance to showcase their art or collaborate to cocreate merchandise for IBW.


Music lovers won’t miss out with this year’s performances. The artist line-up is Lagori and Teri Miko as headline acts, Easy Wanderlings and DJ Mojo Jo Jo on the Main Stage, DJ Unnayaana and Uday Benegal for Ladakh Tent and DJ Ayesha Pramanik for the Jameson Howling Dog Bar. IBW 2022 will also host Red Bull’s freestyle performers like rappers, MCs, BMX stunters and break dancers.

So what are you waiting for? We’ll see you at IBW on the 2nd and 3rd of December.