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Nissan sent the Magnite CVT to the office, which quickly found its way into my garage for a month-long rendezvous. It swiftly became a part of my urban lifestyle. From navigating bustling city streets to embarking on intercity runs, this vehicle has surely been a part of the Motoring family.

This being the one equipped with a CVT transmission, offers a peaceful driving experience, considering the chock-a-block traffic of the so-called city of dreams, Mumbai.

During its tenure, the Magnite went on a bit of a road trip rampage, racking up close to 3000 km on its odometer; 1000 km added by Keshav and Manaal as they borrowed the Magnite for an impromptu pilgrimage to the sandy shores of Goa.

While the Magnite was in my care, it required a bit of maintenance, including new brake pads, a fresh set of tyres, and routine servicing. However, there was a hiccup with one of the TPMS sensors, either malfunctioning or missing altogether, which resulted in the car incessantly throwing up TPMS errors. Needless to say, it was a rather frustrating ordeal.

Now, let’s talk about a hidden gem in the Magnite’s arsenal—its Wireless Apple CarPlay feature. In an era where tangled wires still plague many vehicles, the Magnite boldly embraces wireless connectivity for both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It’s a small detail that makes a world of difference, and Nissan deserves a round of applause for this thoughtful inclusion. Setting aside the minor maintenance issues, the Magnite has proven itself to be a reliable companion throughout its tenure with me. Whether it was tackling the daily grind of office commutes, serving dutifully as a backup vehicle, or stepping up as the perfect weekend adventure buddy, this compact SUV handled it all with aplomb.

In conclusion, despite the occasional bumps in the road, I’ve grown rather fond of the Magnite during its stay. I wouldn’t mind spending more time with in the future, whenever Nissan decides to send it back my way.