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Lightens you by: Rs 10.63 lakh (ex-showroom)
Lives with: Kurt
Odometer reads: 2332 km
Drinking habits: 188 km per charge

The MG Comet has felt at home on the bustling streets of Pune as part of the Motoring World long-term fleet over the past month. From navigating through congested urban roads to tackling airport runs, this compact electric vehicle (EV) has established itself as a reliable and charming city companion.

The MG Comet has become a veritable showstopper on Pune’s bustling roads, effortlessly commanding attention wherever it goes. From piquing the curiosity of rickshaw drivers to eliciting admiration from pedestrians and even catching the eyes of aunties ferrying their kids to school on scooters, this compact EV stands out amidst the city’s traffic. Its striking design and eco-friendly credentials make it a focal point of conversation, underscoring the increasing interest in electric mobility and sustainable transportation solutions.

In light of its captivating presence on the streets, several questions naturally arise about the Comet. Prospective onlookers and enthusiasts are often keen to know more about its specifications and practicalities. They may inquire about its price point, seeking to understand the affordability and accessibility of this intriguing electric vehicle. Additionally, questions about its range of capabilities are common, as individuals are eager to gauge its suitability for their daily commuting needs. However, one of the most intriguing queries that arises is whether a license is required to operate the Comet. This question speaks to the unique nature of electric vehicles and their potential to redefine traditional notions of transportation and licensing requirements.

2332 km on the odo and is due for its first service

With more than 2300 km clocked on the odometer, the time has come for the Comet’s inaugural service visit. This presents an intriguing opportunity to explore the nuances of servicing an electric car and gain insights into its maintenance requirements. Stay tuned for our next report, where we delve deeper into Comet’s performance and its first service experience, offering a comprehensive perspective of the EV service experience.