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After spending some time with the Nissan Magnite and its smooth CVT transmission, the Mahindra Scorpio Classic was our next long-termer which came home with me. Transitioning from a Japanese-engineered compact SUV with an automatic transmission to an Indian body-on-frame SUV equipped with a hefty 2.2-litre oil burner, it presents quite a contrast.

Firstly, this shade of red turns heads everywhere. Laal Chataak as they say in different dialects of Hindi, Gujarati, as well as Marathi. Whatever they say, I love this hue! After just one day of usage, I began noticing some changes in my behaviour towards other motorists on the road. I viewed them as insignificant beings who should confine themselves to the last two lanes, leaving the first lane empty for my convenience. Was I being narcissistic? Maybe.

I embarked on a road trip to surprise my parents and visit my extended family in Gujarat on a relatively comfortable working weekend, and the 1200-km journey was absolutely delightful. The route encompassed freshly laid tarmac, under-construction patches of highway, state highways, and ghats, all of which the Scorpio Classic handled exceptionally well.

Even when I parked it, it automatically parked into the ‘NO PARKING’ zone, was that me or the Scorpio Classic’s aura? While traversing those under construction patches of the highway, I relished exploring the roads less travelled, with the Scorpio Classic navigating through the non-existent patches of mud, gravel, and broken tarmac with aplomb.

I made a point of cleaning it whenever I found the time, as I desired for that cherry-red shade to gleam and attract attention wherever I went. Hmm, I do enjoy attention. Am I narcissistic? Perhaps a bit. Though it may lack features such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay partially, as you can mirror your phone directly through an app in the Android-based infotainment system, it’s not the traditional Apple CarPlay or Android Auto that you are used to. Additionally, it lacks a reverse parking camera, but the ample torque ensures that your wheels can lose traction even in 2nd or 3rd gear, bringing a wide satisfying grin on your face.

As the Scorpio Classic returned to its rightful owners for an internal engagement, they have assured me that they’ll send it to me once it’s available again. I genuinely miss looking down upon the motorists and bullying them. Am I narcissistic? HELL YEAH!