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At a little more than a hundred years old, Maserati has had a long, evocative history full of beautiful cars and multiple success stories in motorsport. It’s almost impossible not to be a fan of the marque once you’ve read about or have had experienced one of their beautiful creations. We take a look at our favourites from what the Italian carmaker offers to its fans, apart from the wonderful line-up of cars, that is:

Scale Models

Maserati Levante scale model

At the official Maserati Store (link to which is at the end of the article), you can choose between 1:43, 1:18, and 1:8 sizes. There’s everything from the current cars (in 1:43 and 1:18) to the ‘Classiche’ ones (in all sizes, including some in 1:8).

Most of the highly detailed models are made by the famed model-maker BBR, and are likely to be made of resin. The 1:43s are affordable for most, the 1:18s command a slightly heavier price tag, and the 1:8s might need you to drop the idea of buying the timepiece you’ve been eyeing for a year. But when the models themselves come with a booklet about the car’s history, a leather holder for the same, a certificate of authenticity, and even a personalised plate, that timepiece might just start to look a bit overrated.


Maserati Lithograph

Looking beyond the scale models section requires the kind of commitment you had when you gave it all up for lent. But you surely can’t stay away from what the Publications section has.

Apart from various books talking about Maserati’s history and design, there are period brochures for a couple of old models, marvellous digital canvas paintings, lithographic prints, etc. And if you aren’t looking at a particular model, the Classiche kit with reprints of original documents will certainly interest you.

iPhone Cases

Maserati iPhone case

It’s almost impossible for a brand to offer memorabilia and forget about the one device that stays with us always. For those who happen to love Maserati and have an iPhone, the company also lists a couple of well-designed iPhone cases on the store. There are leather cases and plastic covers for older phones, but it’s the ‘All-Over’ covers with unique, unmistakeable printed backs that look the best.


Maserati Track Shoes

This is not the complete list of items available on the Maserati store but a collection of our favourite ones. And the official footwear by the company just happen to top our list. Neither too expensive nor downright cheap, the range of shoes offers, in multiple shapes and sizes, smart looking sneakers, high-top casuals, and the distinguished track shoes. There’s the Trident embossed on the sides, while the three air vent arrangement is also present on most models.


Maserati Lamp

And while there are just two of these available, not a lot says that you’re a fan like the Maserati lamps. Made in Italy, in 40 days from the date of order, the lamp comes with painted in white steel. A Maserati grille with the Trident in the centre sits gloriously on the lamp shade. And with a light-sensitive (comes with a light sensor) arrangement of two 60-watt bulbs, the lamp can either be specified as a floor lamp or a table lamp. We would recommend the latter, as it would really complement the 1:18 blue Levante (pictured above) on your desk.

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