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Calling all petrolheads and Marvel fanatics alike! Let us take a moment to acknowledge the Audi RS e-tron GT, the car that stole the show (or at least a chunk of screen time) in Avengers: Endgame, albeit in a flamboyant Iron Man red. Our test car, however, ditched the Iron Man flamboyance for a more Captain America–inspired Ascari Blue Metallic – a stunning choice that perfectly complements the car’s aggressive lines and sculpted design.

This RS e-tron GT marks a significant milestone for Audi – it is their first foray into the world of fully electric RS performance vehicles. Now, those familiar with the unbridled fury of Audi’s gasoline powered RS models, like the RS7 or the RS5 Sportback, know what to expect: drama, aural aggression, and a launch control experience that glues you to the back seat with the help of Quattro all–wheel drive. The RS e-tron GT retains the essence of that experience — minus the thunderous roar.

Instead, a silent whoosh propels you forward at an eye–watering pace, all thanks to the instant torque delivered by its electric motors. This silent assassin proves that the coveted RS badge can translate beautifully to the electric realm. But enough with the intro, buckle up as we delve deeper into the electrifying world of the RS e-tron GT! Here, we will explore not just its earth–shattering performance, but also its sleek design, luxurious interior, and the unique challenges and thrills of piloting a fully electric RS machine. So, whether you are an electric vehicle enthusiast or simply a fan of high–performance Audis, the RS e-tron GT promises an unforgettable driving experience.

The RS e-tron GT stuns even before it takes flight. Clad in Ascari Blue Metallic (though Iron Man red would certainly turn heads too!), its exterior design is a symphony of sharp creases and purposeful lines. These sculpted forms bring to mind the angular contours of Iron Man’s suit, hinting at the superhero like performance coiled beneath the surface. The low, Sportback stance further accentuates the car’s athleticism, its silhouette appearing to hug the road with unwavering determination. As you approach, there is no mistaking this for anything other than a high-performance machine, guaranteed to grab the attention of onlookers and passersby alike.

The RS e-tron GT is not just a car; it is a statement – a bold declaration of innovation and electric power wrapped in a package that’s undeniably Audi. But unlike its gasoline–powered RS siblings that announce their arrival with a roar, the RS e-tron GT exudes a different kind of power – a silent confidence that speaks volumes about the new age technology housed within. The absence of exhaust pipes and the subtle RS e-tron badges are the only hints that this stunning machine is not fuelled by conventional means. It is a new kind of performance car, one that is exhilarating yet sophisticated, whispering its potential rather than shouting it.

In the RS e-tron GT’s cabin and you are greeted by an undeniably Audi ambiance. High–quality materials abound, with every touch point exuding a sense of luxury and craftsmanship. The overall design, however, feels like familiar territory for Audi veterans. While undeniably sophisticated, a touch more RS specific flair might have further differentiated this electric warrior from its gasoline–powered siblings.

Despite the lack of a radical interior makeover, the RS e-tron GT does boast some exclusive features that cater to the enthusiast driver. While the RS e-tron GT’s interior adheres to Audi’s familiar, luxurious design language, a playful surprise awaits eagle–eyed drivers. The fully digital instrument cluster, a stunning 12.3–inch virtual cockpit, offers a delightful Easter egg. Zoom out completely on the navigation screen, and the instrument cluster behind the steering wheel transforms into a miniature representation of the Earth! This subtle detail adds a touch of whimsy and underscores the car’s connection to its groundbreaking electric nature. It is a small but delightful reminder that beneath the sophisticated Audi design lies a revolutionary electric powerhouse.

Here, you will also find an RS worthy lap timer, along with calculators for 0–one hundred kph, 0–two hundred kph, and even quarter–mile times – perfect for those who crave a touch of drag strip glory. Flanking the virtual cockpit is the familiar 10.1–inch MMI touchscreen, thankfully the sole touchscreen in the cabin. In a driver–focused masterstroke, Audi has replaced the lower touchscreen found in other high–end models with a bank of physical buttons, a welcome ergonomic decision for those who prefer the tactility of physical controls.

Adding to the driver’s comfort are the fantastic massaging front seats, perfect for long journeys. And to truly immerse yourself in the quiet power of the electric drivetrain, the optional Bang & Olufsen sound system delivers an unparalleled audio experience. The RS e-tron GT’s cabin might not scream out its electric nature with outlandish design and driver engagement, making it a great place to spend time behind the wheel.

Speaking of time behind the wheel, The RS e-tron GT rockets to the forefront of Audi’s performance pack, claiming the title of their most powerful car ever produced. With a whopping 636.98 bhp and a staggering 84.63 kgm of torque at its disposal, the car rewrites the rulebook on electrifying acceleration. The 0-100 kph sprint is achieved in a mind-bending 3.3 seconds, a testament to the car’s instantaneous electric thrust.

This silent assassin utilises a dual–motor setup, one on each axle, powered by the most advanced iteration of Audi’s legendary Quattro all-wheel-drive system. A two-speed transmission plays a pivotal role in this symphony of speed. The first gear delivers a ferocious kick off the line, while the second gear seamlessly takes over for sustained high-speed cruising.

The RS e-tron GT defies expectations when it comes to handling. Despite its size, the car tackles corners with astonishing agility. The optional all–wheel steering system shrinks the car in tight spaces, while the electromechanical power steering adjusts weight based on the chosen driving mode. The result? Precise communication and feedback from the road, even during spirited driving. However, the laws of physics cannot be entirely defied — the car’s weight becomes noticeable when pushed to its absolute limits.

Now, here is the quirky part: to compensate for the missing engine roar, Audi has incorporated a synthesised sound system. It is a bit like stepping into a sci-fi movie — the sounds are futuristic and undeniably cool, reminiscent of a spaceship streaking through the stars. The e-tron might not quite capture the visceral thrill of a traditional V8 rumble, they are a far cry from the awkward silence that typically plagues electric vehicles. Let us face it, in the world of electric performance, a little sci-fi soundtrack is a small price to pay for the exhilarating rush of silent acceleration! The RS e-tron GT offers a new kind of driving experience — one that is thrilling, futuristic, and undeniably Audi.

The RS e-tron GT rockets to the top of Audi’s food chain, obliterating expectations with earth–shattering performance. This dual-motor monster with the latest quattro all-wheel drive devours corners with surprising agility, defying its size. While sharing a platform with the Porsche Taycan which has been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently, the RS e-tron GT carves its path with a focus on driver engagement and luxurious comfort. Offering a glimpse into the future of Audi’s performance legacy, much like Iron Man ushered in a new era of superhero films. Just like Phase One of the MCU (Marvel cinematic universe), the RS e-tron GT sets the stage for an electrifying future, leaving us eager to see what exciting innovations Audi has in store.