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The Volvo XC90 T8 hybrid, with around 394 bhp being produced together by the internal combustion engine and the electric motor, was not exactly lacking in power. Volvo’s official performance division, Polestar, though, thought otherwise. Polestar, which has been Volvo’s racing partner since 1996 and officially, a division of Volvo since 2015; is famous for making crazy, deranged versions of the sensible and practical Volvos. It’s the same case with the XC90, for which Polestar has now created a Performance Optimisation pack, which bumps up the power a bit along with some key changes to the drivetrain.

Polestar has increased the total power output from the two power sources to 415 bhp (up from 394 bhp), while the torque figures has climbed to 69.34 kgm (up from 65.26). Even with the increased power, Volvo claims that the XC90 hybrid can travel a distance of 43 km purely on electric power. Or, you can choose to exercise all those horses and hit 100 kph from standstill in 5.5 seconds. Other than increasing the power output, software tweaks like the capability to hold onto a gear and not letting it upshift, has been added. Together with making the gearshifts faster and a sharper throttle response.

Visually, there is little to distinguish a Polestar XC90 with a standard one, save for a tiny badge on the rear beside the model designation. Both the Volvo T8 Hybrid and the Polestar brand are set for Indian debuts in the coming months, so it is to be seen if Volvo shall offer the XC90 Polestar too. If it does, let’s hope it comes in Rebel Blue.