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Volvo will launch the S90 saloon in the Indian market soon, but have you seen how beautiful the V90 estate is? And to make it even better, Volvo has unveiled the Cross Country version based on it. With enough experience making crossover estates, the V90 Cross Country is very likely to be the best product Volvo has positioned in the segment. Let’s have a look at what it has to offer.

It’s based on the V90, which means it shares the same Scalable Product Architecture with other Volvo products like the very successful XC90 and the upcoming S90. But unlike the regular V90, which is road-only, the V90 Cross Country won’t have a problem once you take it off the tarmac. Of course it’s no SUV, so off-roading abilities are going to be limited — with the V90 Cross Country it’s more about traversing bad roads and not climbing rocks.

It gets all-wheel drive as part of the standard equipment, has the usual Drive-E four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, and comes with a jacked-up ride height to cope up with bad road surfaces — up by 60mm to 210mm. The track is widened, and it gets larger wheels, too.

While it was easy for the XC90 to impress us with its road-holding capabilities and a design that even the best of the designers cannot question, here’s what the V90 Cross Country has in store (for those who’re getting it, that is):

Dear Volvo India, can we get it? Please! A launch next year looks likely, too. Fingers crossed.