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There’s been a change at Volvo Cars recently in terms of naming strategies. The car maker has decided to retire the ‘Recharge’ suffix, which was earlier used to differentiate between its combustion-engined and EV lineups. Models such as the XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge have now been renamed simply as the EX40 and the EC40 respectively. 

This move helps Volvo in streamlining its EV lineup with the rest of the newer cars that have been showcased; the EX30, EX90 and the EM90. Volvo did commit to going fully electric by 2030, and having signed the Glasgow Declaration way back in 2022, the Swedish car maker is real serious.

Additionally, the all-wheel drive variants of the EX40 and the EC40 have received a performance software upgrade, which sees power figures go up by 33 bhp for faster acceleration, and there’s also a unique ‘Performance’ drive mode to unleash the full potential of the 435 bhp setup.

Volvo has also showcased Black Edition models of the EX40 and EC40, featuring an Onyx Black paint scheme, high-gloss black badging, 20-inch five spoke alloy rims finished in high-gloss black, and microtech or textile charcoal interior upholstery among other things.

Volvo has not said anything explicitly regarding an India launch, but keeping in mind the rebranding strategy, we reckon to hear an announcement from the car maker sometime later this year, with a slight price hike.