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Why did the Skoda Octavia need a facelift? Wasn’t the fourth-gen model already quite new? Well, it’s important to remember that sedans (unfortunately) are an endangered species globally. Plus, a lot of technical advancements have taken place since the fourth-gen Octavia made its debut. Cars today are offered globally with more tech-centred features than before. Does this add a certain factor of versatility to the Octavia? Let’s find out.

The integration of ChatGPT chatbot in the fourth-gen Octavia has to be the attention-grabber. However, it is important to note that the integration will take place at a later date. Unlike most other Skodas, the 2024 Octavia features sharper and more striking design bits, such as the second-gen LED Matrix headlamps, with Crystallinium to give it a blue tinge. The tail-lamps have also been tweaked, but you’ll need the eyes of a continuity-error spotter to see the new signature.

The interiors now also feature sustainable materials

The interiors have also been given slight updates. While the overall layout resembles the current car, the upholstery appears similar to the new-generation models of the Superb and Kodiaq. However, the rotary dials haven’t made their way here. What has, though, is a new 13-inch infotainment screen, which will feature the voice assistant with ChatGPT integration at a later date. Dual-zone climate control is available as standard, along with a cooled wireless charging pad for your smartphone. The Octavia facelift also gets 45-watt USB C-type charging ports as well.

If only the diesels came back…

The Octavia was sold here with a 2.0-litre turbo-petrol, which has been upgraded to deliver 201 bhp and 32.63 kgm of torque, similar to the new Kodiaq. Interestingly, Skoda has listed this particular powertrain with all-wheel drive capabilities. There is also some talk going around of the madder vRS returning to India, with 261 bhp and 37.72 kgm of torque. Globally, Skoda also offers a diesel, but we have to make peace with the fact that diesel Skodas are not coming back here.

Should the Octavia come back?

The Octavia is the reason Skoda made it big in India, almost immediately after its entry. If re-launched, the Octavia will only be facing heat from the multitude of SUVs, since most of its rivals have (tragically) passed on. However, there are rumors that Skoda might just do the unthinkable, and since we like being optimistic, we hope to receive a delightful surprise later this year.