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If there was ever a question of which manufacturer manages to coax Zagato (or is it the other way round?) to make the most beautiful one-off specials, Alfa Romeo will probably be the answer.

Lancia could be another candidate. Read: Lancia Fulvia Zagato

On the other hand, their work with Aston Martin, though less prolific, has created some of the most talked about Zagato specials. They are talked about because it isnt an easy job to improve upon an Aston design. Do you really want to take a hammer and a scalpel to a say, a DB5? But then Zagato did just that, working their magic on the DB4 which resulted in the DB4 GT Zagato. Looking at that one wonders, why didn’t Aston Martin think of that? Praise and appreciation cannot get higher than that.


Over the last five decades, there have just been five Aston-Zagato specials, with the sixth one – the new Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Concept – all set to be showcased at the Villa d’Est.

Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Concept (1)

And again, the same thought – why didn’t Aston come up with this?

This should have been the new DB11. Or the next Vanquish. Or maybe a smaller version can be the next Vantage. This should go into production, in one way or the other. Because Zagato has done a fabulous job of it.

Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Concept (2)

The Vanquish Zagato takes design cues from a number of Astons. One can see the Vulcan’s front grille, headlights, bonnet clamshell and the side strake from the new DB11 and the mirrors inspired from Aston’s One-77 hypercar. The generous haunch above the rear wheels is a Zagato trademark, and yes, the roof has the signature ‘double-bubble’ shape. Breaking away usual Aston Martin C-motif shaped tail lights, the Zagato has a simple round shape covered with LED lights. Inspiration aside, there are many independent elements of the Zagato that really work extremely, like the way the roofline and the windowline has been merged. The ridges that extend from the roof to the rear deck. The Chiron-esque horizontal bar connecting the tail lamps. Hopefully some of these small touches make their way into future Aston Martins.

Zagato hasnt made any changes to interior, with it remaining identical to a normal Vanquish interior, save for a stylized ‘Z’ here and there. But honestly, with a car this beautiful, one can be forgiven for spending more time outside it than inside.

Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Concept (3)

As with most Zagato specials, there is no word yet as to whether this can bought or if a limited number of a Vanquish Zagato’s will be made by the Italian carrozzerie. Probably a few for Aston’s most valued customers, so that they can beauctioned off for a ridiculous amount a decade or two later.

Since it is based on the Vanquish, it has the same V12 engine and the mechanical bits and bobs. How much does that V12 make you ask? Enough to propel this stunning work of art to 300 kph and above. Truth be told, there could a block of wood under the bonnet for all i care. That way it can just stay at one place and be gazed at!