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Mahindra’s second-generation Thar has become a resounding success, reaching the impressive production milestone of 100,000 units by March 2023. Injecting a touch of affordability into their lineup, the SUV manufacturer unveiled the Thar RWD, captivating buyers with its budget-friendly allure and unmistakable resemblance to its 4×4 counterpart.

Upcoming Mahindra Thar 5-Door Refuses to Shed Camouflage

This year, the Thar family is expanding its horizons with the introduction of the Thar 5-door, designed to cater to a more family-friendly audience. Boasting an extended wheelbase and rear doors for added convenience, this variant promises to bring a new dimension to off-road adventures. Several intriguing features set the Thar 5-door apart.

The Thar 5-door preserves the distinctive design elements that have made the model iconic, including its classic boxy silhouette, round headlights, and flared wheel arches. Spy shots hint at a possible makeover with new body panels, ensuring a refreshed aesthetic. Notably, the rear doors will feature a pillar-mounted handle, and enthusiasts can anticipate a revamped alloy wheel design that seamlessly combines style with substance.

Mahindra Thar 5 Door Walkaround Video - Interiors, Exteriors Spied
Picture Credit: The Car Show

When it comes to performance, Mahindra is leaving no stone unturned. The Thar 5-door will offer a variety of powertrain options, including the reliable 2.2-liter diesel and the zippy 2.0-liter turbo-petrol engines. Available with both manual and automatic transmissions, spy shots reveal the absence of a 4×4 lever, confirming the arrival of a 4×2 variant. Moreover, there’s speculation that the 2.2-liter unit in the 5-door Thar will be tuned for a higher state of performance, ensuring optimal handling of the additional weight.

Inside the Thar 5-door, occupants can expect more than just spacious surroundings. While reminiscent of its three-door sibling, the interior boasts a touch of luxury with features such as a front-center armrest, a sunglass holder, and the possibility of an upgraded touchscreen supporting Mahindra’s AdrenoX software. The 300mm longer wheelbase translates to a roomier second-row space, promising a comfortable ride for the entire crew.

2024 Mahindra Thar 5-Door Interior Details Leaked Ahead of Launch, Clear Pics Inside - News18
Picture Credits: Motoroctane

Despite the buzz surrounding Maruti Suzuki’s Jimny, it won’t be a direct competitor to the Thar 5-door. Mahindra’s offering, with its larger dimensions and more robust engines, positions itself in a higher segment. The real contender appears to be the Force Gurkha 5-door, another player in the off-road arena that is also gearing up for a formidable challenge.

Mahindra Thar 5-Door Interior Revealed In Spy Shots

As Mahindra keeps the launch date of the Thar 5-door shrouded in mystery, industry insiders suggest a grand unveiling around January or February end. Once it hits the market, the Thar 5-door will mark Mahindra’s seventh body-on-frame model, underscoring the company’s unconditional commitment to delivering vehicles with robust, off-road capabilities. Enthusiasts, brace yourselves for the imminent arrival of the Thar-tastic spectacle!