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At the Future Decoded conference, Tata Motors showcased a new concept car, called the C-Cube. While the Tamo brand will have its official unveiling with some sort of a sports car at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, this is the first car showcased with the Tamo name.

According to Tata, Tamo will ‘act as an open platform to network with global startups and leading tech companies, to get access to trends, innovations and solutions, for the design of exciting future products and services’.

Tata Tamo C-Cube

The well-proportioned C-Cube looks wonderful in photos, especially with the tasteful OZ alloys. With it, Tata has showcased its ‘advanced structural tech’. Recently collaborated with Microsoft, the company will enable better connectivity features, and the first product to boast them will be the Geneva-bound Tamo.

Tata Tamo Teaser Geneva