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We finally meet the Tata Safari Dark edition today! If you’re attracted to everything that’s dark and black, this one’s going to hit you home. Take a look at these pictures and you’ll get a fair idea.

This is the seven-seat configuration, so it gets ventilated seats up front and not on the second row as seen on the six-seat configuration variants. Anyway, on this variant, the ventilated front seats get a three-speed cooling setting. Speaking of cooling, both the second and third row of seats have cooling vents.

The passengers in the third row can control the fan speed with a knob as well. Also, there are two charging ports and a dedicated white reading light. Quite thoughtful, that.

Now, let’s address the obvious bits. The Safari Dark edition is finished in Oberon Black, 18-inch Blackstone alloy wheels, blacked-out grille and headlamp trim. Inside, the same black and grey theme is adopted.

There are no mechanical updates, so if you’re wondering how the Safari Dark edition will drive, then it’s no different than a standard Safari. You can read all about it here. As for price, the Safari Dark edition starts from Rs 19.05 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), and is available on XT+ or XTA+ and XZ+ or XZA+ trims.

Mind you, the Safari Dark edition will grab plenty of eyeballs, thanks to its dark demeanour and large footprint. At the end of the day, it all boils down to your preference — whether you want to spend a little extra or not for a few cosmetic changes and features. Again, if we had to pick one from the Safari clan, it would surely be the Dark edition. So, are you also leaning towards the dark side, then?