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In a groundbreaking feat, the Rimac Nevera has etched its name in the record books by achieving the fastest speed ever recorded by a production car in reverse. At the Automotive Testing Papenburg Centre in Germany, Rimac’s electric hypercar, under the skilled control of test driver Goran Drndak, reached an impressive 274 kph while navigating in reverse for over a kilometer.

The exceptional performance of the Nevera in reverse can be attributed to its distinctive electric powertrain. With four individual motors operating independently of a gearbox, the car can generate equivalent torque in reverse as it does in forward gear, enabling unprecedented speeds.

The Nevera’s aerodynamic prowess further contributes to its remarkable achievement, even in reverse. The active rear spoiler, a feature of the car, can be deployed to minimize drag and enhance stability at high speeds.


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As the reigning titleholder of the world’s fastest production car, the Rimac Nevera adds another feather to its cap with this reverse speed record. Beyond its sheer speed, this accomplishment underscores the vehicle’s engineering excellence and versatility.

For the Rimac Nevera, this record-breaking achievement is likely to elevate its standing and desirability. Demonstrating not only exceptional speed but also extraordinary adaptability, the Nevera becomes an enticing option for potential buyers seeking a car that effortlessly blends performance and versatility.

In a broader context, the record is a notable milestone for the electric car industry. It dispels any lingering doubts about the capabilities of electric cars, showcasing that they not only match but can surpass the performance of traditional gasoline-powered vehicles in certain aspects. This achievement is poised to inspire other electric car manufacturers to explore and develop their own high-performance models, ushering in a new era of electric supercars and hypercars.

The Rimac Nevera’s latest record stands as a testament to the remarkable capabilities of electric cars and signals a positive trajectory for the entire electric car industry, encouraging further advancements and innovations in the realm of high-performance electric vehicles.