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Renault India has announced an effective move to reduce the temporary inconvenience caused by the recent demonetisation. The company will begin accepting cashless payments for both after-sales service, and more importantly, new car purchase.

It essentially means that you can walk into a Renault dealerships with an empty pocket (but not an empty bank account) and get yourself a new car. The booking amount can be paid via Paytm e-wallet or through HDFC PayZapp. The company is also offering 100 per cent loan across the product range, to make buying a new car hassle-free even further. Those booking the Renault Kwid hatchback through its smartphone app will also get a cashback in their Paytm e-wallet.

For current customers, after-sales services will be available against cashless payments done by cheques, wire-transfer (account to account online transfer), e-wallets, and even demand drafts. It must also be noted that no extra transaction fees will be charged when payments are made by one of the above mentioned methods.

And like its partner, Nissan, Renault India also has free towing service for cars under regular/extended warranty.