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Get ready to hit the road with your pockets light as Tata Motors, unleashes a wave of excitement for CNG lovers. With a leap ahead, Tata Motors not only gives a fresh boost to its CNG range by upgrading Tiago and Tigor iCNG models but also unveils the Punch iCNG, equipped with the twin-cylinder technology. This thrilling innovation, which wowed everyone with the Altroz iCNG in May this year, is changing the game for CNG vehicles, offering more boot space, top-notch features, and an incredible driving experience.

The Punch iCNG, packed with technology, features, and safety promises an unforgettable ride.

iCNG Range
Punch iCNG

Safety is the name of the game with the Punch iCNG, built on a modern ALFA Architecture platform, ensuring a 5-Star Global NCAP adult safety rating. With ultra-high-strength steel and a reinforced body structure, it’s built to be robust and reliable. Features like a micro-switch for safe refueling and thermal incident protection add to your peace of mind. The cleverly placed twin cylinders keep your luggage space intact and the car protected.

iCNG Range
Punch iCNG

Like the regular petrol powered Punch, the iCNG too gets a host of exciting features: a Voice-assisted Electric Sunroof, Front Seat Armrest, USB C Type charger, and a Shark fin antenna. Automatic Projector headlamps, LED DRLs, 16” diamond-cut alloy wheels, a 7″ Harman™ infotainment system with Android Auto™ and Apple Carplay™, rain-sensing wipers, and a height-adjustable driver seat.

iCNG oriented features include boot space similar to regular SUVs, advanced Single ECU and Direct Start in CNG mode, ensuring smooth, hassle-free shifts between petrol and CNG.

iCNG Range

With the thrilling new lineup and twin-cylinder technology, Tata Motors is all set to make your CNG journey an unforgettable adventure, offering unbeatable power, features, and safety for an unbeatable experience on the road. So, get ready to hit the gas and rev up your joyride!

iCNG comes with affordable pricing for the Tiago, Tigor, and the new Punch iCNG.

Take a peek at the ex-showroom prices:

Tiago iCNG

XE CNG: ₹6,54,900
XM CNG: ₹6,89,900
XT CNG: ₹7,34,900
XZ+ CNG: ₹8,09,900
XZ+ DT CNG: ₹8,19,900
XT NRG CNG: ₹7,64,900
XZ NRG CNG: ₹8,09,900

Tigor iCNG

XM CNG: ₹7,79,900
XZ CNG: ₹8,19,900
XZ+ CNG: ₹8,84,900
XZ+ LP CNG: ₹8,94,900

Punch iCNG

Pure: ₹7,09,900
Adventure: ₹7,84,900
Adventure Rhythm: ₹8,19,900
Accomplished: ₹8,84,900
Accomplished Dazzle S: ₹9,67,900

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