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In a groundbreaking move marking 61 years of iconic history, the legendary 911 is stepping into the future with a hybrid drive system! This comes as a series of many adopting a newer hybrid drive system, the latest prior being Bentley with their electrocharged W8 hybrid.

Porche states that they have left nothing to chance, with over five million km during development. Porche engineers and test drivers have pushed the new hybrid engine in all real-world scenarios. They elaborated on this by stating that 911 has undergone tests including urban environments with stop-and-go traffic, demanding conditions of cold mountains and the hot deserts of Dubai.

The 911 has also proven itself in the Green Hell, nürburgring Nordschleife by setting a staggering lap time of 7:16.934 mins, 8.7 seconds quicker than its predecessor. The time attack car was equipped with standard road tyres and an aero kit a fixed wing for extra downforce. Something the Green Hell constantly reminds us about.

Frank Moser, the Vice President of Model Line 911 and 718, has asked everyone to prepare to witness the epitome of dynamism as the 911 raises the bar with its innovative performance hybrid.

Jörg Bergmeister, Porsche’s esteemed brand ambassador, stated that the new 911 will come with enhanced grip, formidable power, and lightning-fast response courtesy of the performance hybrid. He continued stating that the 911 has raised the stakes, leaving its predecessor in the dust.

The Porche 911 isn’t just a car; it is a symbol of speed, precision and performance. But will the new hybrid system maintain that legacy? We will have to wait a bit, till the 28th of May to be exact!