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If you want a Lamborghini Sián roadster, you really have to commit to it. Because unlike most drop-top sports cars out there, this one doesn’t have a button that covers the passenger compartment when you’ve decided you’ve had enough of the elements. Really though, that is not likely going to be your problem if you haven’t already snagged one of the 19 units that went on sale. That’s even rarer than the 63 Siáns sold!

Power figures are identical to the Sián. And underneath that beautiful carbon fibre shell is a 6.5-litre, naturally aspirated V12 producing 774 bhp. It is a mild-hybrid, and the 48-volt e-motor contributes 33 bhp to the total system output of 807 bhp. That said, the Sián ditches traditional lithium-ion batteries in favour of lighter supercapacitors. It can do 0-100 kph in 2.9 seconds and go on to a top speed of 350 kph, you better hold on to your hair.