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The Nissan Terrano compact SUV might be positioned a littler higher than the Duster — the SUV it’s based on — but it isn’t sadly offered in a range as wide as that of the Renault. To address that, and hence widen the appeal, the Terrano will soon have an Automatic gearbox version added to its line-up. Teasers for the same have started finding their way to the company’s social media platforms.

While a dual-clutch gearbox is going to be an expensive affair (as it would have been in case of the Duster), the Terrano will also be offered with an automated manual gearbox — a six-speed one, or Easy-R AMT in Renault speak. It isn’t as quick to up- or down-shift as a conventional automatic (or a dual-clutch unit) but the widespread torque reduces the need to change gears, thus making driving it, erm, easier.

2016 Renault Duster Easy-R AMT

Like on the Duster, the AMT is expected to be available only on the more powerful 110PS version of the 1.5-litre diesel engine. Other mechanical bits are likely to remain unchanged. So the Terrano AMT will retain the well-balanced front-wheel drive chassis, roomy interior, and even the nice, imposing look.

Talking about the looks, there’s a chance that Nissan will use the opportunity to give it a nice nip and tuck, because after all it’s the third year anniversary of the Terrano this month. As for the final launch date, there’s no official confirmation, but we think a launch this month — right in time for the festive season — is very likely. Also, given the Duster facelift was marketed with 32 changes in total, there’s a strong chance the Terrano will get a couple of them, too.

Teasers by Nissan:


Source: Nissan via IAB