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Mercedes just came out with its new entry-level grand tourer, the AMG GT 43 Coupe. Under the hood, it gets a V8… Err, sadly, that’s not the case. Instead, the new GT 43 gets a four-cylinder engine. The two-litre unit delivers 426 bhp and 50.98 kgm of maximum torque, and sends all the power to the rear wheels.

There’s more! Mercedes has dropped in an electric exhaust gas turbocharger, a technology derived from Formula 1. The said turbocharger is operated via a 48-volt electric system, delivering an additional boost of 14.2 bhp. With aid from the integrated electric motor, the turbocharger is likely to provide a continuous response, reducing turbo lag. Mercedes also claims that the electric system ensures greater efficiency through coasting and recuperation.

The engine is paired to a 9-speed multi-clutch transmission with a wet clutch. The GT 43 gets six driving modes, namely, Smooth, Comfort, Sport, Sport+, Individual and Race, the last one being offered only with the optional AMG Dynamic Plus package. Triple digit speeds appear in 4.6 seconds, with an electronically limited top speed of 280 kph.

At the styling front, the GT 43 Coupe looks a bit toned down and less aggressive, for the lack of a better word, at least in the pictures. We’re yet to see how it looks in person though. Stay tuned to Motoring for updates!