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Mahindra has electrified its Supro people/cargo mover with the inclusion of an all-electric powertrain. Available in both passenger and cargo van versions, the vehicle goes on sale at Rs 8.45 lakh for the latter and Rs 8.75 for the former.

Relevant headline figures include a range of 115km (112km for the passenger version), a charge time of 8h30-45m to reach 100 per cent from zero, and a life-saving ‘Revive’ mode that adds another 7km to the range in emergency. Under 4m in length, running on 13-inch tyres, the Supro EV is identical to its conventionally powered (diesel in this case) sibling.

But in place of the diesel engine is a 72-volt battery connected to a single motor that makes 25kW and 90Nm. If you feel short on power, there’s a ‘Boost’ mode that momentarily sends a surge of extra torque. And pootling isn’t going to be a crime, because the regenerative braking ensures that energy isn’t wasted entirely. And yeah, if you’re really interested, the direct drive, single-speed vehicle can also manage a top speed of 60km/h.

The e-Supro passenger van can seat a maximum of eight, while the cargo van boasts a payload capacity of up to 600 kilos, with a loading volume of 2330 litres. There’s also a 2-year/40,000km warranty on the vehicle, and a 3-year/same mileage cover on the battery.

The prices mentioned above are ex-showroom Delhi and include relevant subsidies.