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The Car Design Awards have been around since the 1980s, giving global recognition to design teams for the best concept cars, production cars, and overall design language on offer. This time, it was Kia who bagged the Car Design Awards for its ‘Opposites United’ design philosophy.

The ‘Opposites United’ design language was introduced back in 2021 as part of Kia’s global brand re-launch. The design philosophy harnesses three energies — tension, harmony, and dynamism, to create fresh perspectives and develop new ideas, which are inspired by the contradicting forces experienced in daily life. Kia has been recognized for communicating consistent design directions by launching differentiated product designs under the ‘Opposites United’ design philosophy.

Kia EV6 BIC front
Kia introduced the ‘Opposites United’ design language back in 2021

The jury, comprising of journalists from internationally renowned automotive and design magazines, selects only 10 production car and 10 concept car projects from the past year, as well as the design language of just five brands, for consideration as finalists. It stated that Kia has taken a non-conformist approach with the aim of inducing change, unafraid of taking risks. It also said that Kia’s new design break the mould with long-established aesthetic parameters to introduce a totally new and modern formal language.

The winners of the 2024 Car Design Award were announced at a ceremony in on at the ADI Design Museum in Milan during this year’s Milan Design Week.