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Kia has crossed yet another landmark, selling over 400,000 cars in India. Interestingly, these cars happen to be the range-topping variants which come equipped with connected car features. The Korean car maker stated that 44% of its overall sales in India come from these top-end variants of its cars.

Kia says the Seltos contributes to 65% of its domestic sales, and nearly 57% of Seltos owners opted for the top-end variants, which are equipped with connected car technology.

The Carens shows a similar trend, with nearly 31% of owners opting for the top-end variants equipped with connected features. This is followed by the Kia Sonet, again showing the same trend where 21% of their total sales are connected car variants.

The latest Connected Cars version features Hinglish Commands, a remote window control, a remote engine & air condition control and a valet which will restrict access and preserve privacy.

Goes to show that customers do want everything these days, don’t they?!