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The new, all-electric Jaguar I-Pace will be unveiled at pre-Geneva ceremony on March 1. It will be followed by the announcement of prices, specifications, and the company will begin accepting orders, too (in certain markets). It’s the first all-electric production car by Jaguar. It will offer a five-seat practicality of an SUV, all-wheel drive, and sports-car performance, claims the company.

The company has tested the vehicles extensively, including 1.5 million miles of, erm, mileage, and 11,000 hours of rig simulations, with temperatures varied from -40°C to 40°C. Impressed by the feat, and the fact that it’s a Jaguar EV, thousands of prospective customers have pressed the ‘I want one’ button in order to register for the vehicle.

The I-Pace LIVE reveal will be posted across the various social media channels that Jaguar has and can also be watched here:

Director of Design at Jaguar, Ian Callum said, “Since revealing the I-PACE Concept in 2016, we have been counting down to this moment. The all-electric I-PACE is not only a pioneer within our business, it promises to revolutionise the industry. Never before have I been so excited for a launch – the world is watching with great anticipation and I cannot wait for the world to see everything we have achieved with this car.”

Following the unveiling and announcement, the vehicle will make its debut to the public on March 6 at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show. For more updates from 2018 Geneva, please have a look at our dedicated page for the motor show by clicking here.