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Ford India’s unique initiative Cartesy throws light on areas where we as a nation can improve in terms of road safety. Looking towards a better 2019, the company mentions that for safer roads, one must say no to indifference and lack of caution. The latest survey covers 10 cities, interviewing 1613 people. Out of this, 48 per cent were drivers (non-commercial) and the remaining 52 per cent were either passengers or pedestrians. Further info states that 72 per cent of the responses was from men while women’s accounted for 28 per cent.

Ford Cartesy Survey India

Broadly classified into Compliance, Caution, and Compassion, the latest survey presents a nation-wide score and helps analyse where we can improve. Overall scores suggest that Kolkata and Hyderabad maintain a lead whereas in non-metro cities, Ludhiana, Lucknow, and Pune came out on top.

Ford’s analysis, summed in nine points:

Ford Cartesy

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