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If you’re bored of the plain-jane (erm, sensible looking) redi-GO, Datsun will offer a slightly spruced-up version, with an unfitting ‘Sport’ moniker. It’s the little hatchback’s styling that Datsun has decided to update and the teaser image has a couple of takeaways.

So what’s different to the standard model?

The special edition gets a dual-tone look. The bright red paint is complemented by black stripes (both on the bonnet and on the sides) and other bits covered in black including the wheels and radiator grille (and the surround in piano black).

And considering that the lower part of the front bumper, rear view mirrors, and even the window surrounds are offered in black as part of the standard equipment, it all gels well with the contrasting look of the special edition. And to break the monotony, a touch of red in the grille and wheels is added as well.

It’s unlikely to get a mechanical change, while other details including the price and updates to the interior, if any, will be known when the car’s launched on the 29th. Like the Kwid it shares its platform with, the regular redi-GO is powered by a 0.8-litre engine.

So do we finally have a worthy alternative to the ‘sportier’ looking Kwid, then?