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In India, CEAT Tyres Ltd. has unveiled its high-performance all-terrain tyres for SUVs — CrossDrive. The tyres feature CEAT’s cutting-edge 3D sipe technology and a robust shoulder design that aids the tyre’s adaptability to all-terrain applications. Its new carbon black tread compounds provide improved grip and fuel efficiency and have been extensively tested on the new auto testing track ‘NATRAX’ in Indore as well as mild off-roading near Indore.

CrossDrive tyres are specifically designed for use on all 4X2 and 4X4 SUV models. It is available in a variety of sizes at all major tyre retailers, including CEAT’s exclusive outlets, CEAT Shoppe and Tyre Stop. CEAT has already begun collaborating with OEMs such as Mahindra to provide CrossDrive for their specialised all-terrain vehicles such as Thar. The CrossDrive will soon be launched in the global market as well.

Arnab Banerjee, Chief Operating Officer of CEAT Tyres Ltd., commented on the launch, saying, ‘CrossDrive is one of our premium offerings in the all-terrain tyre segment for SUVs. The introduction of new technology and designs for CrossDrive tyres will help our consumers to conquer challenging and diverse terrains with safety, while also improving the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. We have extensively tested CrossDrive for off-roading capabilities and city use and it provides an experience which is the best of both worlds. The launch of CrossDrive is yet another step in our efforts to make mobility safer and smarter every day by enabling enthusiastic SUV owners in India to confidently cross all terrains. “Discovering the new you” is the core promise of CEAT CrossDrive for SUV consumers.’