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Bugatti Chiron ‘L’Ultime’, the last of the 500 Bugatti Chirons, has just been showcased by Bugatti. First revealed in 2016, the Bugatti Chiron is the successor to the iconic Veyron. The L’Ultime brings an end to the era of supercars donning the legendary W16 engine.

The Chiron L’Ultime is an example of Chiron Super Sport, featuring the number ‘500’ all over its exterior and interior. The exterior features a paint scheme of French Racing Blue and Atlantic Blue fading and blending into each other. These are, notably, the same colours as that on the first Chiron. There are French flags on the rear view mirrors and the front grille is finished in Atlantic Blue.

The sides of the Chiron L’Ultime are adorned with names of places that have been of striking importance in the journey of the Chiron, from Geneva — the place where it debuted, to Ehra-Lessien — the place where it performed the iconic 300 mph run.

The interior features an exquisite amalgamation of Deep Blue leather, carbon fibre and Blue Carbon Matt high-tech finishes with hints of French Racing Blue. The wheels are of diverse colours, matching the hues of the exterior. This isn’t your ‘average’ Bugatti Chiron!

Coming next from the French marque will be a machine sporting the recently-teased V16 engine in a hybrid setup. Unquestionable, it’ll be a whole new beast, thanks to Bugatti not pulling the plug yet on internal combustion engines. Stay tuned to Motoring for updates!