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‘A better informed driver means a less stressed driver’

We can’t deny that but how does Audi intend to make driving stress free? To start with, there’s the new, first level vehicle to infrastructure system. It will be introduced in certain cities in the US this year, and will enable the equipped cars to connect to the traffic signals there. With that, the driver will get to know the time remaining for the signal to turn green. To ensure boy racers don’t turn streets into their illegal racing playground, the timer will disappear during the final three seconds of the timer.


The feature will use the car’s onboard mobile data connectivity and corresponding servers for traffic light data. It will be available on the Q7, the A4, and the A4 allroad manufactured after June 1 this year. The information will be displayed on both the instrument cluster as well as the heads up display.

Audi Connected Vehicles

What’s next?

In the Audi’s Connected Vehicle’s GM, Pom Malhotra’s words, the future looks more interesting with the said system in place. The car-to-infrastructure connectivity can eventually be ‘integrated into vehicle navigation, start/stop functionality, and can even be used to help improve traffic flow…’.

And that will ensure a better flow of traffic and a less stressed driver.

Here’s how the system works:

We aren’t too far from realising the childhood dream of owning a KITT of our own. Any Knight Rider fans out there?