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Look who’s back! Alfa Romeo has been making good-looking — and often driver-pleasing — cars and the recently introduced Giulia is no different. It’s got the basic right: it is RWD, has a Ferrari-fettled V6 engine, and for pure pub-talk, now boasts the fastest saloon car lap-time around the famed Nurburgring.

Setting a 7m32s isn’t easy, considering the all-new Porsche Panamera — sporty by nature, even in the base version — recently did a 7m38s. The closest rival is of course the M4 GTS (coupé) which did the lap in 7m28s.

Driven by Fabio Francia, who happens to company’s test driver, the Giulia in this Nurburgring exploit is equipped with the optional eight-speed automatic — one that is coming to the UK — and not the manual, with which Alfa managed the best of 7m39s.

Takeaways from the video:

  • Fabio Francia can drive!
  • Alfa Romeo can still make stupendous cars
  • The reign of automatics is here
  • That camera is great at blowing out highlights

Enjoy the video: