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It’s a tough world out there, more so for your car’s paint. Unlike in case of stone chips and imbeciles running into your favourite (and/or chosen) set of wheels, one can actually save the car from grim and dirt. 3M promises to help owners do that, with its Car Care Shampoo.

Retailing at Rs 223 for 250 ml, Rs 396 for 500 ml, and Rs 631 for 1 litre, the shampoo can be purchased off both on- and offline stores. For every 3 litres of water, it requires only 20-25 ml of the shampoo. And with a pH-balanced concentration, it doesn’t leave white marks and causes no or minimal removal of wax coating from the surface.

The company, in its official product info, maintains that the shampoo makes foam even in hard water, and enhances the gloss of the paint, too. Once a week usage, with car parked in the shade when being washed, is recommended.