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In the annals of rallying history, few events rival the spectacle of the 1995 RAC Rally, a gripping showdown that encapsulated everything fans love about the sport. It was a clash of titans, Subaru teammates Colin McRae and Carlos Sainz, locked in a fierce battle for the World Rally Championship title.

The stage was set with simmering tension following a team orders controversy at the Catalunya Rally, where McRae defiantly tossed a bin across the service park in defiance of instructions. The rivalry intensified as they headed to Chester for the season finale, both tied on points, each determined to claim glory.

Sunday’s stages unfolded with dramatic flair, McRae encountering a setback with a puncture at Pundershaw that cost him precious time. Yet, fueled by unprecedented support from the roadside, McRae staged a breathtaking comeback, setting the fastest times on 16 of the next 19 stages.

This was McRae at his peak, relentless and unstoppable. Sainz, a double world champion, found himself unable to match McRae’s pace as the Scot charged towards his maiden title. In a climactic finish, McRae crossed the finish line 36 seconds ahead of Sainz, securing not just the event victory but also the championship title by a commanding 15 points.

The 1995 season had been a rollercoaster of emotions, marked by technical controversies and fierce on-track battles. Subaru’s triumph in the manufacturers’ championship underscored their dominance, with McRae and Sainz leading the charge against rivals Toyota and Ford.

Though it unfolded six years before I was born, diving into the legend of the 1995 RAC Rally has been a captivating journey. Researching and watching the archival racing videos brought me back to a bygone era of motorsport, a time cherished for its simplicity, intensity, and pure racing spectacle. It’s a chapter of racing history that continues to inspire and captivate, offering a glimpse into an era I wish I could have witnessed firsthand.