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In the expansive realm of automobiles, where serene sedans and bustling hatchbacks typically hold sway, a class of four-wheeled giants emerges that scoff at the ordinary, laugh at the limits of asphalt, and dare to venture where the paved road ends. Today, we convene on rugged terrain to witness a clash of off-road titans: the Maruti Suzuki Jimny and the Mahindra Thar. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill vehicles; they are the brave steeds of adventure, the warriors of mud-splattered terrains, and the guardians of the wild unknown.

Jimny v/s Thar
The clash is evident

In the domain of off-roading, aesthetics mean more than appearances; they are a proclamation of intent. The Thar forges ahead with an unapologetic stance, an automotive declaration that asserts, ‘I’m here to conquer.’ LED daytime running lights carve a captivating front; however, its grille seems to grapple with an identity crisis – part mesh, part grille, an architectural marvel or a styling quirk? It’s a look that commands attention, a fusion of rugged allure and modern design, akin to a warrior adorned in contemporary armour.

Thar splashes mud

On the flip side, the Jimny enters with confidence, embracing its boxy heritage. Its unyielding straight lines pay homage to its predecessors, a nod to 53 years of off-road legacy. It tips its hat to off-road history, reminiscent of the legendary Gypsy that still captures hearts today. Nevertheless, appearances aside, both these contenders are poised to conquer the harshest terrains with ease.

Jimny goes dirty

Delving inside, these machines unveil sanctuaries where the dreams of off-road enthusiasts come to fruition. The Thar’s interior has evolved from its basic origins, adopting a more refined atmosphere. The dashboard is organized, and controls are strategically positioned, showcasing ergonomic considerations on par with everyday cars. Mahindra has bid adieu to past unfinished business, resulting in an interior that exudes a car-like feel.

Better than before, but a bit cruel

As a novel Maruti Suzuki offering, the Jimny comes with a contemporary interior that strikes a balance between utility and modern expectations. Touchscreen infotainment, and climate control – once off-road fantasies – are now standard. Just like the exterior, the instrument cluster’s round dials evoke Gypsy nostalgia.

Gypsy DNA is pretty evident

The Thar and Jimny lock horns in this arena, merging modernity with function, offering drivers a glimpse into the future without forsaking their adventurous heritage. In this aspect, the Jimny prevails, providing more creature comforts.

‘Lock Horns’

However, practicality also matters. In this regard, Jimny’s 5-door version shines, accommodating seating for five individuals. Conversely, the Thar, while formidable, is a 4-seater with only 3 doors, impacting its passenger capacity.

Terrain or no terrain, these 2 cars can go anywhere

While their primary domain is treacherous off-road terrain, these machines must navigate the asphalt jungle that leads to their playground. The Thar offers a smoother ride at lower speeds but becomes bouncier beyond 80 kmph. Even in curves, there’s a slight degree of body roll due to its body-on-frame construction. Keep in mind, that these vehicles are as aerodynamic as bricks, making crosswinds their arch nemeses.

In contrast, the Jimny exhibits superior road manners, rendering it a more suitable daily companion, especially for city escapades. It handles speed bumps and potholes gracefully and performs slightly better than the Thar at higher speeds on highways. Aerodynamically, it’s no different from the Thar – both are bricks, designed like walls (pun intended).

Brick-like box

Beneath the bonnet, the Thar boasts a 150 bhp 2.0-liter TGDi petrol engine and a 130 bhp 2.2-liter diesel engine. Both come with 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic transmissions, supported by a 4×4 transfer case for low-gear scenarios. It’s akin to a pumped-up heavyweight boxer, ready for the ring.

The Jimny, however, takes a different approach. Powered by a 1.5-litre K-series engine, it produces 103 bhp and 13.68 kgm of torque. Not extravagant, but it’s like the student who excels in pop quizzes while others sweat over finals. The 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic gearboxes provide control, even on challenging terrains. The 4-speed unit can feel slightly sluggish at times.

The highlight is off-roading, where these machines shine in their element. The Thar, equipped with an automatic brake lock differential, boasts a 41.8-degree approach angle, a 36.8-degree departure angle, and a 27-degree ramp-over angle, along with a water-wading depth capacity of 650 mm and 226 mm of ground clearance. When in 4L, you can navigate obstacles effortlessly, quite literally walk it through terrains.

On the flip side, the Jimny is an off-road prodigy. Tailor-made for this domain, it handles challenges with finesse. Rigid axles and electronic wizardry work in tandem. Combined with its lighter footprint, it manoeuvres well, excelling on tighter trails. It may surprise at times, but when the going gets tough, its small engine struggles a bit.


In terms of pricing, the Thar falls in the range of 13.87 to 16.78 lakh, offering a blend of sophistication and adventure. On the other hand, the Jimny carries a price tag of 12.74 to 15.05 lakhs, combining unassuming appearance with off-road excellence.

As the dust settles, a clear winner emerges from the arena – the Mahindra Thar and the Suzuki Jimny, modern-day heroes with distinct personas. The Thar, a poised urbanite and a fearless off-road warrior embodies adventure in its purest form. Conversely, the unassuming Jimny, a box on wheels, proves itself an off-road virtuoso, leaving observers in awe. Invaluable and irreplaceable, each machine stands tall in its own right.

However, this isn’t about crowning a victor; it’s about celebrating what these vehicles bring to the realm of exploration. The Thar’s transformation presents a versatile companion, seamlessly transitioning from urban streets to rugged terrains. It’s a refined companion with a wild heart that beats stronger than ever.

Meanwhile, the Jimny, with its spirit and purposeful design, transcends its unpretentious appearance to conquer obstacles with the grace of a seasoned performer. It personifies off-road prowess, whispering, “Appearances can be deceptive; I hold astonishing tricks within.”

A vast array, but only the 2 survived!

Ultimately, it’s not about taking sides; it’s about acknowledging the significance of these vehicles. The Thar and Jimny, distinct yet equally valuable, provide a dual perspective. The Thar’s blend of elegance and off-road capability makes it adaptable across terrains. On the flip side, Jimny’s resolute character and specialized design crown it the ultimate off-road conqueror.

So, whether you’re drawn to the Thar’s harmonious duality or the Jimny’s steadfast dedication to the off-road domain, brace yourself for an unparalleled adventure. These aren’t mere vehicles; they’re gateways to unexplored territories. Prepare, fellow adventurers, as your journey begins with the turn of a key and the roar of the engine. The untamed awaits, and these titans stand ready to be your chariots to boundless liberation.