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Who does not cherish the idea of a day off during hectic work times? It is a chance to hit pause on the hectic pace of life in Mumbai, to meander through the streets and soak in the city’s energy. I did exactly that, with my friend Nitisha, using the Nissan Magnite EZ-Shift.

As the first light of dawn kissed the sky, painting it in hues of pink and gold, we started our leisurely drive, in a rather relaxed manner. The Nissan Magnite, sleek and stylish in the morning light, seemed to hum with excitement, eager to tackle the urban jungle that lay before us.

for the well-known ‘Mumbai Darshan’ route, a path often trodden by tourists. However, the twist was that we chose to venture out on a weekday instead of the typical weekend excursion. This decision stemmed from our demanding jobs, which left weekends unavailable for leisurely pursuits.

And for the same reason, our first obstacle to tackle was TRAFFIC. We had to make our way to South Mumbai amidst peak traffic, but thanks to the Magnite EZ-Shift and the intelligent traffic mode, it perfectly suited the demands of city life. Navigating through the bustling streets of Mumbai was a cakewalk thanks to its agile manoeuvrability, and the EZ-Shift AMT guaranteed seamless gear changes while keeping us comfortable. Nitisha marvelled at the intuitive controls and ergonomic cockpit layout, designed to enhance comfort and convenience for both driver and passenger alike.


Our journey led us on a whirlwind tour of Mumbai’s iconic landmarks, from the grandeur of the Gateway of India to the bustling Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus. With the Magnite EZ-Shift effortlessly gliding through the city’s traffic, our drive felt nothing short of ‘EZ’. Each turn revealed a new spectacle, captivating our senses.


We both agreed that navigating our city’s roads, filled with construction zones and traffic jams, was something that the Magnite aced at. It turned out to be the ideal selection, providing a smooth ride despite the rough patches and potholes we encountered, all thanks to its 205 mm ground clearance. Its plush interior and sturdy build made our journey enjoyable, even amidst the challenges of the road.

We kept conversing about our individual lives where Nitisha, who used to be in the corporate communications sector has now given up the nine-to-five hustle and is now hustling her way to run an NGO known as the Smokeless Cookstove Foundation and spends most of her time in the tribal areas trying to lessen our carbon footprint with this smokeless cookstove technology. It was a chance for us to reconnect and rediscover Mumbai together, in a way we had not done in quite some time.

a way we had not done in quite some time. But our exploration did not end there. Along the way, we stumbled upon hidden gems and secret treasures tucked away in the city’s alleys and by-lanes. From quaint cafes to bustling markets, we immersed ourselves in the sights, sounds, and flavours of Mumbai, each experience more enchanting than the last.

As we moved along, we kept on listening to classic melodies and thanks to the wireless connectivity for Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto, our life was easier without the hassles of any cables. We also took a closer look at the generous 336-litre boot capacity, finding it more than adequate for handling all our luggage needs, whether it is for a trip to the airport or an extended journey. Its ample space ensures that we can pack everything we need without any hassle, providing convenience and peace of mind for our travels.

We began our journey early in the morning, and by afternoon, our stomachs began to growl. We found ourselves at Nitisha’s favourite restaurant, Pizza by the Bay, munching on slices of pizza and sharing stories of our adventures. The Magnite sat parked by the bay, witnessing the memories we had made together.

Post the sumptuous lunch, we made us to Marine Drive, where we soaked in the sea breeze and took some pictures for memories. Nitisha firmly demanded the keys from me, and I succumbed to the request.

Taking the wheel, she was instantly impressed by how effortlessly the Magnite manoeuvres. The first thing that caught her eye was the Drive-Assist Display, providing her with all the necessary information. She especially appreciated the around-view monitor system, particularly handy when navigating the tight parking spots of Mumbai.

After that, we bid adieu to the saaz of South Mumbai and Nitisha took the road to the newly built Atal Setu, which is an engineering marvel. A 22-kilometre bridge was built on the sea. She was genuinely impressed upon discovering that the Magnite EZ-Shift is not just about convenience; it is also equipped with a range of safety features. These include an anti-lock brake system, traction control system, electronic stability program and vehicle dynamics control, along with dual airbags, ensuring the utmost protection for your loved ones at all times with an impressive achievement of receiving a 4-star rating in the Global NCAP crash test.

As the sun began to set, casting gleaming rays across the skyscrapers, we began our journey back home. As I dropped Nitisha back home, her very eager labrador Sherlock welcomed her as she came back from her day off.

Though our adventure was over, the memories we had made would stay with us forever, a testament to the spirit of exploration that had guided us throughout the day.

Though our adventure was over, the memories we had made would stay with us forever, a testament to the spirit of exploration that had guided us throughout the day.