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What is it?
If the zippy and edgy Ntorq 125 is too much for your liking, TVS has now launched a new 125cc scooter, elder sibling to its 110cc offering, the all-new Jupiter 125. This scooter sticks closely to the conventional scooter design that’s widely accepted by the 125cc buyers in the Indian market. But still, TVS has done a fabulous job of giving the Jupiter 125 well-contoured lines which make it very appealing.

Not that convinced with the looks? You will be once you get to know the kind of features TVS is offering on this new scooter. We Indians just love storage space, and even more when on the go. The Jupiter 125 is the only scooter in the market to currently offer an underseat storage space that can accommodate two full-face helmets. The storage capacity stands at 32-litres which is a lot. The company has achieved this by relocating the fuel tank inside the floorboard of the scooter. Even the fuel-filler cap is now positioned ahead behind the front apron, making it even more convenient for the rider to open and shut the lid at the time of fueling. There’s also a 2-litre open glove box that is accompanied by a USB power socket. Besides that, the Jupiter 125 features semi-digital instrumentation consisting of an analogue speedometer, tell-tale lights and a small digital screen that packs a bunch of information like two trip meters, an odometer, clock, fuel gauge, low battery indicator and a helmet reminder.

Whom is it for?
For those who love the Jupiter, but want more of everything that’s on offer. And by that what I mean is, the Jupiter 125 is more powerful, agile, feature-packed, stylish, comfortable and last but not the least premium. Adorning a bright metallic shade of orange, the Jupiter 125 is without any doubt, a nice and presentable scooter that looks and feels upmarket. TVS has taken the effort of addressing pretty much all the usual parameters that buyers consider before purchasing a scooter in India. To begin, the seat is the longest in the segment, and will easily accommodate the second pillion (although we’d never recommend it). Next is the floorboard, which is spacious enough to fit a gas cylinder (again, we’ll never recommend doing that as well) and has a pattern design on the board that aids in providing grip when resting the feet on it. The third and the most important bit is the riding triangle. The positioning of the handlebars, seat height, cushioning and contour and floorboard all have been calculated to offer the best body posture for riding. Attention has been given to achieve good lower back and lumbar comfort.

How does it handle?
Quite well actually. Since we rode the scooter on the TVS’ test track at its manufacturing plant in Hosur, the road surface was mostly smooth tarmac with two long straights, a long sweeping corner and a small right hander. Before getting to the corners, the Jupiter 125 feels planted and confident at switching lanes back-to-back. Around corners, the scooter provides enough confidence and feedback for the tyres to tell you what’s happening at the contact points. While the 12-inch alloys contribute to the handling aspect, the suspension has been tuned to deliver comfort as well as agility. The Jupiter 125 is also the first scooter in the segment to offer a gas-charged rear monoshock with preload adjustment. This allows the rider to set up the scooter according to their weight and requirement. And yes, before I forget, the brakes on the Jupiter 125 are really good. TVS has optimised its Synchronized Braking Technology (SBT) for better braking performance with reduced lever effort. This not only inspired more confidence but also aids in reducing braking distance and chances of skidding.

How fast is it?
The Jupiter 125 is powered by an all-new 124.8cc fuel-injected engine that is tuned to produce 8.2 bhp and 1.07 kgm. TVS has taken a lot of effort to make the motor light, efficient, frugal and yet potent enough to keep matters exciting. Acceleration from standstill is strong and brisk all the way up to 80 kph. Beyond that, the Jupiter 125 accelerates in a slightly composed manner before maxing out at 93 kph. Throughout the entire speed range, there’s barely any vibration felt at the floorboard to be considered intrusive.

Is it fun?
For sure! TVS has taken all the good bits of the Jupiter 110, improvised it by a large extent on almost every aspect with the Jupiter 125. There’s comfort, agility, features, performance, ample storage and the correct amount of premium touch which makes it a well-rounded package. The Jupiter 125 slots itself just right in the company’s portfolio for those who are looking for a scooter that’s classy, offers good performances and is comfortable to take on long hours of commuting. Wouldn’t ask for more from this one.

TVS Jupiter 125

Displacement: 124.8cc, single
Max power: 8.2 bhp@6500 rpm
Max torque: 1.07 kgm@4500 rpm
Transmission: CVT

Type: Underbone tubular

(F/R): 30mm telescopic / monoshock

(F/R): 220-mm disc / 130-mm drum

(F/R): 90/90 R12 / 90/90 R12

L/W/H (mm): NA
Wheelbase: 1275 mm
Ground clearance: NA
Seat height: NA
Kerb weight: 109 kg
Fuel capacity: 5 litres

PRICE: Rs 73,400 (ex-showroom, Delhi)