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The Suzuki Gixxer series is a well-loved set of motorcycles by riders, and the latest development is the new OBD II and E20-compliant models. More specifically, we have the new Gixxer SF 250, to check out how significant these updates are.

Gixxer SF 250 OBD-2 (4)

As far as looks are concerned, there are no discernible differences and the sporty SF 250 remains sharp and ready to hit the track. It gets a sleek set of LED headlamps and tail lamps, while the turn indicators are still halogen units. Despite having clip-ons and rear-set footpegs, the riding triangle is not very committed, giving the bike a fairly relaxed temperament for general in-city riding.

Gixxer SF 250 OBD-2 (6)

The engine performance remains the same, with the oil-cooled 249 cc unit being rev-happy and it is the mid-range where the engine comes alive. The 6-speed gearbox is smooth to use and the motorcycle pushes you to shift through the gears with eagerness. The OBD II and E20-compliant updates don’t seem to put a hamper on the performance of the Gixxer SF 250, so that is a good thing.

Gixxer SF 250 OBD-2 (9)

In terms of handling, again, there are no changes and it turns into corners nicely and holds its line. The front suspension is well damped while the rear can feel a bit stiff on bad patches of the tarmac. However, this same setup ensures that the motorcycle stays composed through the corners. The brakes feel pretty responsive and do a good job of bringing the motorcycle to a standstill safely.

Gixxer SF 250 OBD-2 (5)

One of the significant updates on the Gixxer SF 250 for 2023 is the addition of Suzuki Ride Connect Bluetooth-connected technology. Once connected the digital instrument cluster shows notification and call alerts, with turn-by-turn navigation available too.

Gixxer SF 250 OBD-2 (2)

All in all, with a good combination of faired race-bike feel with decent comfort for everyday use as well as touring-friendly dynamics, the Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 with its updates is still quite relevant in the quarter-litre segment.