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TVS Racing, the factory racing team of TVS Motor Company, makes a historic announcement today with the first-ever TVS Asia One Make Championship, inspired by its four-decade racing tradition. This is a watershed moment in TVS Racing’s worldwide strategy, as it is the first-ever Asia One Make Championship won by an Indian company.


The TVS Asia One Make Championship 2022 will feature 16 race-spec TVS Asia One Make Apache RR 310 motorcycles, which were designed with TVS Motor’s racing DNA in mind. Does anyone remember the Akula from the 2016 Auto Expo? You’ll find that this race-spec bike was inspired by the Akula — supersport motorcycle concept.


First things first, the race-spec bike is designed and engineered from the bottom up for it to give maximum performance on the track. The motorcycle’s engine is a 312cc DOHC four-valve liquid-cooled powerplant that outperforms the street-legal TVS Apache RR 310 (obviously). For extracting more power, the engine uses forged pistons, titanium valves and HLHD Cams. Also, it gets Ohlins adjustable and custom-built suspension and soft compound radial racing tyres by Dunlop.


Thanks to the generous use of carbon fibre, the bike’s lost a lot of weight, and the design is such that it achieves a low drag coefficient for an improved top speed on the track. Boy, these bikes would be a lot of fun on the racetrack.

On the 27th of April 2022, the championship rider selection procedure will take place at the Sepang circuit in Malaysia, with eight riders from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, the Philippines and other countries competing. Also, the TVS Racing team will nominate eight additional riders for the event on its own. The following is the schedule for this season’s four rounds of the championship:

TVS Racing TVSM ARCC schedule