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TVS is saying ‘Ciao!’, and before you start coming at us, let us remind you that unlike in other countries, Italians use that salutation for both greeting someone when they meet, and also to say goodbye. The Indian two-wheeler giant is now commencing operations in the country known for its fast cars, bikes, and of course pizza.

The Italian subsidiary will be called TVS Motor Italia, which will be headed by Dr. Giovanni Notarbartolo di Furnari, who brings extensive experience from senior managerial roles in major automotive companies in Italy, Latin America, the UAE, and Europe. The two-wheeler manufacturer will offer multiple products such as the Apache RR310, RTR 310, the Ronin, Ntorq, Raider, and the Jupiter 125. On the electric side of things, TVS has the iQube, the X, and a range of e-bikes as well.

Sharad Mohan Mishra, President, Head Group Strategy, TVS Motor Company, stated that venturing to Italy is a strategic step towards TVS’ global ambitions, with the country’s rich culture and the willingness to adapt cutting-edge transport solutions providing the perfect backdrop for its operations. Dr. Giovanni Notarbartolo di Furnari, Director, TVS Motor Italia, highlighted the two pillars the subsidiary focuses on; product quality and customer satisfaction.