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TVS Racing has announced an interesting new partnership with KidZania to create a first-of-its-kind racing experience for young motorsport enthusiasts. The partnership is an extension of TVS Racing’s commitment to promoting motorsports as a safe and thrilling experience in controlled areas, for passionate enthusiasts and young riders.

Committed to growing motorsport while breaking myths and stereotypes about motor racing, TVS Racing has introduced a tailored and curated experience zone for new riders aged between 5 – 16 years. The experience zone at KidZania aims to train and improve the riding skills of young riders, further instilling a proper understanding of the sport of motor racing.

The TVS Racing experience zone at KidZania will offer a slew of interactive learning areas, knowledge-sharing sessions and a mini-track race arena to introduce and promote racing culture in young minds. This includes the TVS Apache RR 310 Assembly arena, TVS Apache RR 310 Design Studio, and TVS Racing Racer including TVS Racing Simulator Experience, which would get them a riding license from the riding school. It also includes the TVS Racing Racer Race Track and a riding gear store which offers helmets, gloves and riding jackets and merchandise including t-shirts for young riders and enthusiasts.

Backed by over 40 years of racing heritage and pedigree, TVS Racing started the One Make Championship in 1994 and has thus expanded the program into four categories in India. This includes a Rookie category which focuses on nurturing talent from 13 – 18 years. TVS Racing has trained over 50 rookie riders in the country since 2021. Additionally, TVS Racing organised the first-ever Asia One Make Championship in 2022.