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Royal Enfield sure picked out an interesting day to commence early-bird bookings for the upcoming Motoverse; yesterday was World Motorcycle Day, and World Music Day as well! The famous biker festival will continue to be held at Vagator, Goa, from November 22 to 24. This also marks the second year of collaboration between Royal Enfield and the music streaming platform, Spotify.

Along with introducing other new things, Royal Enfield Motoverse will also continue to feature the five dimensions as before, to cater to the wants and needs of enthusiasts. There’s MotoThrill for those who wish to test their skills out flat-tracking or on the dirt, along with Motoreel for the ones with a keen eye and ear for motorcycle stories. Merch seekers and those looking for motorcycling apparel will find themselves at Motoshop, while Motoville combines bikes, food, fashion, and lifestyle in one place, and lastly Motosonic for those who not only wish to discover new artists, but also celebrate with the fan-favourites.

You can also ride to Motoverse on your motorcycle with like-minded Royal Enfield fans with the ‘Ride to Motoverse’ programme as well. Hit up the Royal Enfield website to access early-bird passes now!