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Known mostly for producing electronic batteries and later transitioning into electric scooters, Okaya has now set up a separate division for its premium product range called Ferrato. Reminds you of something Italian, doesn’t it?

The brand’s first product will be an electric motorcycle called the Disruptor. Whether or not it causes a disruption is something time will answer. What we know for now is that Okaya EV has opened for pre-bookings for an amount of just Rs 500! However, this offer is valid for just the first 1000 customers, after which the amount will be hiked up to Rs 2500.

So what kind of numbers does the Ferrato Disruptor claim? Well, its electric motor puts out a claimed 8.5 bhp and a rather surprising 23.24 kgm of peak torque. Not bad. The battery pack is a 3.97 kWh LFP unit, with a claimed range of 129 km on a single charge. While the Ferrato Disruptor gets the design of a fully-faired sportsbike, based on pictures we can expect the riding position to be more commuter-ish, but we’ll see more about that on May 2. Okaya EV also says the Disruptor will be equipped with smart connectivity features.

The Ferrato Disruptor is likely to compete against the Revolt RV400 and the Oben Rorr, and we can expect similar pricing. Can it cause a disruption in the market? Like we said, that’s something time will answer.