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In case you’re wondering this is about something Italian, it’s not. Ferrato is actually the premium division of Okaya EV, which is otherwise known for producing electric scooters and batteries. The Ferrato Disruptor by Okaya EV is priced at Rs 1.59 lakh (ex-showroom), but that is until the EMPS scheme gets lifted. Okaya EV was very clear in stating that the Ferrato Disruptor does not compete against the Revolt bike lineup.

The Disruptor is among the three products planned by Ferrato for this year; the other two being a commuter motorcycle and a family scooter. The Disruptor is powered by a mid-mount chain-driven electric motor with 8.7 bhp and a staggering 23.25 kgm of torque. This helps it reach a claimed top speed of 95 kph.

Remind you of something Japanese?

The battery pack is a 3.97 kWh LFP unit, with a claimed range of 129 km on a single charge. Okaya EV says it does not want to reduce the life of the battery pack with fast charging, and has hence stuck with conventional charging, with a claimed time of 5 hours for a full charge.

Rear disc brake on offer

There are three riding modes on offer, and interestingly, the Ferrato Disruptor comes equipped with disc brakes on both ends. It also gets three riding modes, smartphone connectivity, vehicle finder, USB charging, and geo-fencing. A sound system is available as an option.

The Ferrato Disruptor gets a chain-driven motor

The Ferrato Disruptor can be had from Rs 1.59 lakh onwards, but this is till the EMPS scheme lasts, following which prices are set to increase.