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In India as the number of people buying electric vehicles rises, there is also a need for a sufficient number of EV charging stations. EVRE, is trying its best to ensure that there are enough.

Previously, the EVRE charging hubs did not have fast-charging, but now 52 of them are fast-charging enabled. That means it will now feature AC chargers of 3.3 kW with industrial or domestic 3-pin sockets and DC fast chargers. They will be available to all consumers including fleet operators and private car owners. Some of these charging hubs have a capacity of charging 80 EVs at ance as well. The exact coordinates of these locations are still unknown, though.

For ease of use, these charging hubs operate on an intelligent tech-enabled framework setup by EVRE. These charging stations are crewless and will provide single-window access to all the services via the EVRE application. These hubs operate with the help of cloud-based technology which is capable of dynamic load management that creates a one-stop shop for all the requirements of an EV driver.

Besides this, the EVRE hubs offer a few amenities such as Eat and Charge facility, retiring rooms (for last-mile delivery fleets and vehicle servicing) and enough parking space. Moreover, it also offers insurance coverage against hazards to driver-users operating the charging stations. Plus, these digitally managed hubs will be equipped with solar-based EV charging solutions as well. Let’s hope that it expands its network all over India.