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Taiwanese shared mobility platform UrDA Mobility will power the Indian e-scooter rental company eBikeGo with Ahamani e-scooters. The scooters will be available by the end of 2019, and will offer a load capacity of 250 kilos, top speed of 85 kph, and a range of 80-120 km. Going forwards there will also be an UrDA Speed scooter which will have a quick charging facility, eBikeGo has mentioned in its announcement.

eBikeGo’s founder, Dr Irfan Khan said, “We are extremely proud to announce our collaboration with UrDa Mobility to leverage the power of technology to change the way we consume energy and to transform how cities operate in a smarter, cleaner and more sustainable way. Our society is at a tipping point. We need bold solutions and a mindset for change for the next generation. It’s time to rethink how the growing cities of tomorrow distribute, manage and experience energy. eBikeGo is more than a start-up; it’s the start of an entire industry. We believe that it will ignite something much bigger—something beyond us. And we believe you’ll see its ripple effect in a wide variety of consumer areas, creating a metropolitan ecosystem with better connectivity, easier access to energy, and a more enjoyable urban living experience for everyone.”

UrDA Mobility’s Director and Chief of Strategy, Ankit Kumar added, “India will be our first expansion outside of Taiwan, at UrDa we aim to bring change to the way we commute. At UrDa, we are working on bringing India centric solution based business models which not only focuses on last mile and first mile but also focuses on long term solutions. We will be operational by the end of 2019. We aim to put over 100,000 e-scooters on Indian roads in the next few years. This is only possible with a hands-on control over the vehicle quality and after sales. We have also partnered with one of the leading shared mobility firm in India, eBikeGo to establish co-branded city commute services powered with our advanced IoT platform in Delhi, Amritsar, Agra, Ludhiana and Jaipur.”